More Shine Kit

More Shine Kit
4-Can Kit  - Item # M003
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You won't find a better way to make tires look their best than with More Shine, the long-lasting, spray-on coating that makes dull, faded tires look brand new in seconds. Used by finicky auto detailers and enthusiasts for more than 15 years.

Other brands don't last because they're made with surfactants (soaps) that wash off easily with water. More Shine contains NO surfactants so it lasts longer and won't "brown" your tires like other brands.

More Shine typically lasts for weeks on your tires but it's not a paint. It's clear, non-greasy, and doesn't run or drip. Won't harm wheels.

More Shine is NOT a messy foam or drippy liquid. This easy-to-use aerosol needs no wiping. Apply one coat for a dull satin finish, two coats for high gloss. In just 15 seconds per tire, get a dark, non-streaky, like-new appearance with NO rubbing or rags and NO dirty hands or mess. Provides UV protection. Use anytime, even on wet tires.

Order now and get 3 cans of More Shine plus a bonus can of Invisible Glass window and mirror cleaner (4 cans total).

This kit contains our environmentally friendly More Shine tire coating with 50% more ounces and no harmful petroleum distillates.


More Shine for Tires (3 ea.)

More Shine is the fastest and easiest way to make your tires look their best. This long-lasting, spray-on coating makes dull, faded tires look brand new in seconds. More Shine is preferred by professional auto detailers, finicky car collectors, car dealers, and other enthusiasts who care about their vehicles!


Invisible Glass (1 ea.)

Cleans glass, windows, and mirrors so well, you'll think they're invisible. Ideal for exterior plastics on CD and DVD players, phones, computers, and more. Cleans fast with a powerful, non-streaking, non-abrasive formula. It evaporates 100% and contains NO surfactants, soaps, or foams.

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