Invisible Glass Premium Trigger

Invisible Glass Premium Trigger
Case of 6 Bottles (22 fl oz)  - Item # 92166
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Invisible Glass in a spray trigger bottle is formulated with the same advanced cleaning technology used in the Invisible Glass aerosol. You get superior cleaning power for windows, mirrors, windshields, glass tables and doors, cooktops, and more.

Invisible Glass cleans glass so well you'll think it's invisible! Other glass cleaners contain dyes, scents, and foamy soaps. These inexpensive ingredients remove basic dirt but leave streaky residues that are nearly impossible to remove. Invisible Glass contains NO soaps, foams, scents, or dyes so it leaves glass completely clean and clear with NO streaks, smears, or haze.

Invisible Glass easily cleans ALL glass surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, and office. It quickly removes dust, dirt, fingerprints, smears, smudges, and other difficult grime. And it keeps glass clean longer so you clean less often and use less.

Invisible Glass gives you crystal clear glass on vehicles, inside and out. It removes plasticizer film, nicotine haze, and fog smears from inside and bug splats, bird droppings, salt spray, and asphaltic oils from the outside. Put Invisible Glass to the test by driving into direct sunlight. And you'll enjoy night driving with reduced eye fatigue and a clearer view of the road.

Ammonia, phosphate, and alcohol free. VOC compliant and safe for after-market tinted windows.

22 oz. spray bottle

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