Complete Vehicle Care Kit

Complete Vehicle Care Kit
11-Can Kit  - Item # 99002
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This 17-piece kit gives you everything you need to clean, shine, and protect your car, truck, RV, or boat like the pros. Demanding detailers, finicky car collectors, and professional drivers use these products on their favorite vehicles. Here's what you get:

Invisible Glass cleans windows, windshields, and mirrors so well, you'll think they're invisible! Tarminator quickly loosens tar, grease, and other road grime that soap and water can't remove. XENIT removes bubble gum, decals, adhesives, and permanent marker from carpeting, metals, glass, and more. You'll never arm-wrestle with messy paste waxes again, once you try SpeedBead and BeadMax.

Trim Shine makes vinyl, rubber, and plastic look brand new. More Shine gives dull tires a clean, showroom look. You'll also get one can each of Trim Cleaner, Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner, More Shine Less Time for Vinyl Plastic & Rubber, and GUST Premium Air Duster.

Plus you get 2 cleaning cloths and 1 glass cleaning towel as FREE bonuses. 17-piece kit comes in a convenient carrying case with handle.

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Speed Bead (1 ea.)

You won't find a faster or easier way to make painted surfaces look their best than SpeedBead. This innovative, one-step aerosol quick wax performs three critical functions necessary to maintain and enhance your vehicle. It cleans, shines, and protects clearcoat, lacquer, acrylic, and enamel finishes in one step! Gentle cleaners in SpeedBead loosen and remove bug splats, sap, road grease, exhaust film, and oily road grime. They even remove minor surface scratches and water spots.


Bead Max (1 ea.)

Bead Max is an advanced formula auto wax that provides maximum surface protection, water beading, surface shine, and gloss. BeadMax gives painted surfaces a mirror-like finish and enhances paint color and surface brilliance. BeadMax is formulated for MAXIMUM water beading. Watch water and rain race off BeadMaxed surfaces. It makes vehicle drying much easier and even lets you "wind dry" your vehicle after washing by simply driving away!


Carpet Cleaner (1 ea.)

Upholstery & Carpet Cleaner is the fast and easy way to remove grimy dirt from carpeting, upholstery, velour, and most fabrics. This versatile cleaner quickly removes tough dirt and stains from auto seating, floor mats, headliners, and door panels. Carpet Cleaner's special foam lifts dirt and provides plenty of cleaning power without added water that can leave surfaces saturated and wet. Surfaces dry fast after wiping.


More Shine for Tires (1 ea.)

More Shine is the fastest and easiest way to make your tires look their best. This long-lasting, spray-on coating makes dull, faded tires look brand new in seconds. More Shine is preferred by professional auto detailers, finicky car collectors, car dealers, and other enthusiasts who care about their vehicles!


Invisible Glass (1 ea.)

Cleans glass, windows, and mirrors so well, you'll think they're invisible. Ideal for exterior plastics on CD and DVD players, phones, computers, and more. Cleans fast with a powerful, non-streaking, non-abrasive formula. It evaporates 100% and contains NO surfactants, soaps, or foams.


Spray Anyway GUST 360° Duster (1 ea.)

Dust with GUST! New GUST 360° Duster's special no-frost, "Spray Anyway" valve lets you spray from any angle-even upside down-without frosting (expelling contents as a liquid). Contains 8 onces Dustex 11, a 100% ozone safe, moisture-free propellant with blasting power exceeding 80 psi.


Taminator (1 ea.)

Have you noticed that tar, sap, grease, and other road grime is accumulating on the exterior of your vehicle? It will damage your car's finish and dull your paint if you don't remove it. It won't wash off with soap and water. Detergents can't remove it. What can you do? You need the solution preferred by professional auto detailers, dealers, and enthusiasts. You need Tarminator.


Trim Cleaner (1 ea.)

Stoner Trim Cleaner is the fast and easy way to remove grimy, built-up dirt. It quickly and easily removes dirt, grime, dried food stains, fingerprints, blood, and ink from vinyl, plastic, leather and other interior automotive surfaces.


Trim Shine (1 ea.)

Ever wonder how professional detailers make cars and trucks look great -- in so little time? There's a secret product they've used for years, that's now available to you. Trim Shine is an easy-to-use, spray-on coating that instantly shines and brightens dull or faded plastic, vinyl, rubber, and other surfaces. Trim Shine restores color and brilliance to bumpers, running boards, door trim, convertible tops, dashboards, seating, AC vents, hoses, door gaskets, and more. It even hides ugly white wax marks on black exterior trim.


More Shine Less Time for Vinyl, Plastic & Rubber (1 ea.)

Body shop friendly formula contains no silicone. Recommended for use in or near auto body shops where silicones must sometimes be cleaned or removed before painting.


XENIT All Citrus Cleaner & Remover (1 ea.)

When soap and water can't remove it, "Clean it with XENIT." You won't believe how quickly and easily XENIT (zee-nit) removes adhesives, tar, gum, grease, labels, ink, permanent marker, and more. With XENIT, you'll never again be frustrated trying to remove difficult gunk and grime from surfaces around your home, office, business, or garage. XENIT removes tacky, grimy dirt so well, in most cases you can simply "wipe it away."


Low Lint Drying Towels (1 ea.)

Low-linting for cleaning and drying windows, soft enough for polishing, yet strong and durable for finishing metals.


Microfiber Towels (1 ea.)

Best combination of lint free and high absorbency we've found! Dries in one third the time of ordinary towels. Unique microfiber material traps and lifts dirt instead of spreading or smearing it. Microfiber is so much more absorbent than terry towels, it absorbs seven times its weight. Use on auto bodies, windows, and interiors. Won't scratch delicate finishes. Hemmed edge prevents unraveling.

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