Medium Duty ElectroKlene

Medium Duty ElectroKlene
Case of 12 Cans (12 oz aerosol)  - Item # 94032
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94032 Medium Duty Electro Klene is a moderate strength cleaner which provides both solvent strength and flushing action to remove dust, dirt and light grease and oil from complex electronic assemblies. Formulated for use in electronic manufacturing, bench repair, and field service applications.

Allows fast cleaning of electronics without time consuming and tedious disassembly. Overspray will not damage most nearby components, painted surfaces, or coatings. The excellent dielectric properties of this cleaner assure that it will not cause shorts when powering up repaired equipment.

Medium Duty Electro Klene is formulated for components such as connectors, contacts, relays, tuners, servos, switches, solenoids, PCBs, motors, disc drives, capacitors, and similar electronic components. Although overspray will not damage most surfaces, this cleaner is not recommended for prolonged or heavy application on LCD displays, clear display panels, stressed polycarbonate, or highly solvent sensitive materials. Medium Duty Electro Klene is not intended for use on energized equipment.


  • Evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.
  • Will not cause shorts when powering up repaired equipment.
  • Contains an environmentally friendly, non-chlorinated cleaning solvent.

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