Stoner's Security Policy

Updated: February 1, 2013

We understand that many people are concerned about security on the internet.  We want you to know that Stoner has taken every possible precaution to ensure a secure shopping environment.  That's why we created this statement which discloses Stoner's practices regarding collection and dissemination of your personal financial information.

How safe is credit card ordering on the internet?

Despite some hype to the contrary, stealing credit card numbers on the internet is not very common, and it's nearly impossible if you take certain precautions.  In fact, keeping your credit card number a secret is easier on the internet than at the mall, on the phone, or at the gas station.  While anyone can root through trash cans behind retail stores to find credit card receipts, only a skilled few can intercept e-mail, and most of them have too much to lose by trying.

What security precautions does Stoner take?

We want you to know we have taken every possible precaution to ensure a secure shopping environment.

  • All web sites owned and operated by Stoner use SSL security.  This means your private order information is encrypted before it is transferred over the internet.
  • We never e-mail your credit card number or personal information.  All personal information, including your credit card number is encrypted while in transit.
  • Stoner does not permanently store your credit card information in our internal database.  All credit card information is used for the current transaction only.
  • We take these precautions so you can have peace of mind.

What is SSL encryption?

Secure Socket Layer, known as SSL, is a technology that encodes your information as it is sent, then decodes it once it gets to the other end.  If anyone in the middle intercepts it, your information will look like a bunch of gibberish.  That is how all web sites owned and operated by Stoner handle your private order information.

What other precautions can I take?

Although it's more likely your credit card number will be stolen in the real world than in cyberspace, you can avoid problems by guarding your number on the internet, using a secure browser and never e-mailing your credit card number.

What if my credit card number is stolen?

The most important thing to remember is that if your account number, but not your actual card, has been used by an unauthorized person, you are not liable for any amount.  Once you've reported a problem with your card by phone, follow-up in writing with your card issuer and keep copies of all correspondence.  Even if your credit card number is stolen on-line, you are not responsible for the charges.

What if I'm still not convinced?

If you are not comfortable entering your credit card number on-line, you can place your TOLL FREE order by telephone at 1-800-227-5538 or by FAX at 1-800-515-5150.  Ordering has never been easier.

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